Health Camp

JJK has organized two camps with support of JSACS and NACO. One is organized at the PHC, Bishnugarh. JJK has assisted in organising the camp. The Camp was for the migrant population of Bishnugarh which was organized on 18-22 October 2011. The mobilization work was carried out with the JJK Staffs and that resulted in a mass turnover for the services. The migrants were provided all the basic health services, diagnosis, free medicines, counselling, BCC activities as Nukkad Natak, wall painting etc. Another Health Camp was organized at Tatijharia.The Camp was organized to provide free basic health services, counselling and free medicines to the Beneficiaries. The Camp provided the services to 189 beneficiaries in a single day with free diagnosis and checkups by the doctors. The patients were also provided with free medicines. Mobilization activities were carried out with pamphlets, handbills, IPC and Meetings.

Health camp

JJK also carried out Blood Donation Rally, Migration Campaign, Health Camps, Wall Painting and other mobilization activities.