jjk Vision & objectives

Our Vision is to establish an egalitarian, non-exploitative social order with justice and economic self-reliance. To focus on the health and educational needs of children belongs to socio - economically backward communities through establishment and running of community health activities and non- formal education centers and restore self-dignity amongst the backward and oppressed people by organizing them to ensure minimum wages and restore land entitlement, forest rights and other rights.


A good education can provide people with essential skills for coping with the challenges of contemporary life. Unfortunately, many of those most in need do not have access to education, often because it is locally unavailable, or because of domestic and economic pressures, or because it has traditionally not been accorded much value. These problems are compounded by the fact that the experience of education is unattractive to most children, resulting in high push-out rates.

The Education Programme is JJK's oldest programme, and has evolved considerably over the years, shifting from the earlier focus on adult education to its current emphasis on spreading appreciation of and making available quality education, particularly for orphan children, child labour children.



Since 1982, health has been one of Jan Jagran Kendra focal interventions. The activities of the Health Programme are planned under the areas of preventive, promotive, and curative health needs. Core activities across these programmes include creating awareness, providing critical care through village functionaries and referral centres, building the capacity of community-level health service providers, and linking people to state facilities.

While the absence of quality health care services is a major problem, the situation is also exacerbated by limited awareness, low utilization of existing services, and lack of demand for quality services.


Natural Resource Management

Although the natural resource base in Jan Jagran Kendra's work area is highly degraded, the local population remains heavily dependent on it for meeting a significant part of its livelihood needs. The development and management of these natural resources have become essential not only for promoting local livelihood security but also for the long-term ecological sustainability of the region.

In addition, Jan Jagran Kendra's work on natural resources contributes critically to building solidarity at the community level. Along these lines, the Natural Resource Development (NRD) Unit works with local communities in three key areas: Water resources management, Dry land management, etc.

Micro-credit / Entrepreneurship Development

JJK is delivering training to rural people in order to enhance their income of the people. Alternative income generation activity, those which are prior with agricultural activities increase their livelihood income and productivity. JJK has imparted training on different activities say poultry, horticulture planting, organic farming, dairy, piggery, fishery , polyhousing in three blocks of Bishnugarh, Keredari, and Barhi.

To establish inter-linkage between various craft-based clusters for promotion of a Federation of craft-based SHGs that will enable the artisans have greater and easier access to markets, resources, information and various support like skill up gradation, design, technological up gradation of the socio-economic development of the artisans and their families.


  • Orphan School
    The Orphan children who faced curse of losing their parents in childhood are provided education, skill development training, vocational course training, discipline in life and inclusion in the society. At this orphanage hundreds of children are grooming their life. Read more...
  • Health Camp
    The Health Camp was organized to provide free basic health services, counselling and free medicines to the Beneficiaries. The Health Camp provided the services to 189 beneficiaries in a single day with free diagnosis and checkups by the doctors. Read more...
  • Watershed Development
    The watershed development approach has been adopted by Jan Jagran Kendra for more than a decade. The effort in common lands with regards to forestry, soil and water conservation has given high priority in its approach beside land and agriculture development. Read more...
  • Plantation
    With the support of National Horticulture Mission (NHM) large scale tree plantation activity has been taken up in Pakur and Hazaribagh districts Mango, Cashew, Guava,Spices and loose flower are planted by the farmers for promoting and enhancing their income through floriculture. Read more...
  • Handicraft
    JJK has been implementing Ambedkar Hastshilp Vikas Yaojna Programme (AVHY) with the aim to uplift the status of the artisans by helping them to develop their skills with the modern tools and technologies and helping them to market their products in effective and profitable manner. Read more...
  • Kisan Mela
    JJK provide trainings, on-field demonstrations, supports for improved irrigation and latest agricultural techniques. We have also worked for the improvement of plantation through support to farmers with free seeds, plants, irrigation facilities and organic farming. Read more...

JJK News

  • With the help of National Horticulture Mission, Jan Jagran Kendra Barhi celebrates Two Days Kisan Mela at Barhi on 22nd and 23rd March 2013 which was inaugrated by Block Divisional Officer Mr. Atul Kumar, agriculture scientist Mr. S. N. Choudhary, etc.
    Barhi, Jharkhand, INDIA
    With the support of NACO and JACS, JJK organise Free Health Camp at Chawtha Block - Bisnugarh on 19th March 2013 and distributed free condoms and medicines.
    Bisnugarh, Jharkhand, INDIA
  • Jan Jagran Kendra celebrate International Women's day on 08th March 2013 and inaugrated by Dr. Manish Ranjan, District Commisioner, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. More than 200 womens were participating in this event.
    Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, INDIA
    With the help of DC Handicraft, Ministry of Textiles GOI, JJK provide 6 Months continuous training on Integrated Design & Technical Development Project Terracotta Craft.
    Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, INDIA

our sponsors

Thank You to our national and international donors whose faith in us and kind suport have made it possible for Jan Jagran Kendra to carry out activities related to providing education to Orphans, Child labor, Health Awareness, Agriculture Enhancement, Sanitation, Livelihood enhancement to the people.