JJK Mission


o organize and empower the underprivileged and marginalized section of the society and take up development interventions in a manner that will ensure higher participation of the poor and marginalized.

JJK Vision


ur Vision is to establish an egalitarian, non-exploitative social order with justice and economic self-reliance

JJK Objectives


o restore self-dignity amongst the backward and oppressed people by organizing them to ensure minimum wages and restore land entitlement, forest rights and other rights.To focus on the health and educational needs of children belongs to socio - economically backward communities through establishment and running of community health activities and non- formal education centers.

JJK Approach And Strategy


an Jagran Kendra is being working with an integrated development approach.The organization is primarily working under five broad area- Natural resources management, Education, Health, Micro-credit & entrepreneurship development and Advocacy and awareness generation at grass root level.