Natural Resource Management

The organization is working on the natural resource management since its inception. During this course organization not only work to conserve the natural resources such land, water and forest but also functions to revive those natural resources. The organization awakes community to protect and promote these natural resources but also advocate to form protection committees.

our projects

  • Watershed
  • Plantation
  • Agriculture
  • Livelihood

To improve irrigation through Natural Resource Development.

The rural and tribal communities mainly depend on the natural resources for their livelihoods. Watershed management is the integrated use of land, vegetation and water in a geographically discrete drainage area for the benefit of its residents, with the objective of protecting or conserving the hydrologic services that the watershed provides and of reducing or avoiding negative downstream or groundwater impacts. At JJK, the natural resource management programme has under taken the following programme:

  • Watershed Development.
  • Agriculture Productivity Enhancement.
  • Plantation
  • Integrated Village Development Programme.

our sponsors

Thank You to our national and international donors whose faith in us and kind suport have made it possible for Jan Jagran Kendra to carry out activities related to providing education to Orphans, Child labor, Health Awareness, Agriculture Enhancement, Sanitation, Livelihood enhancement to the people.