Research and Training

The organization is working on the natural resource management since its inception. During this course organization not only work to conserve the natural resources such land, water and forest but also functions to revive those natural resources. The organization awakes community to protect and promote these natural resources but also advocate to form protection committees.

our projects

  • Health Meetings
  • Skill Development and Training
  • Training of Peer Educator
  • Training in Innovative Design

Research and Training

Research is another word for gathering of information. The more information we have the closer we get of making our own decision. Research is the result of advancing knowledge created in the past. There are people from all walks of life that contribute to gather information. Research is designed to solve a particular existing problems and it also give impact on decision making. Most of the decisions was taken without gathered information to back them up but for the sustainable solution research give the real picture what the strategy has to make for solving the problem. The gather information will have impact on future planning an important decision with inadequate evidence.

In this year Jan Jagran kendra has taken four research on the following

  • LMD local Market.
  • Survey for artisans.
  • Child Labour.
  • Health Status of people

our sponsors

Thank You to our national and international donors whose faith in us and kind suport have made it possible for Jan Jagran Kendra to carry out activities related to providing education to Orphans, Child labor, Health Awareness, Agriculture Enhancement, Sanitation, Livelihood enhancement to the people.