Success Story of Dona Munda

Dona munda son of Muchiram munda lives in the village of Gabharia of bundu block. He lives with his seven members of the family. As the family was big and no one was working, he use to go outside for the work as a labour. This was only source of income for his household.

In the year 2016, he returned to his home and one day he attended the gram sabha. In the gram sabha, the representative of the Jan jagran Kendra was explaining about the JTELP program. In addition, they were being told about the pond construction. He also gave his proposal of making pond it was passed by gram sabha and pond construction was done in his land. After the construction was completed he was instructed that not to go outside of bundu for work. Instead, work here only.

They even told him you might not be able to give money to family whole year. Representative of Jan jagran Kendra suggested him that the pond constructed by JTDS, he must use it in his farming activities

such as fish farming and use the land for agriculture. WHe decided to work on it and started working on fish farming as the technical help was provide by JTDS. And the land nearby the pond he used it for agriculture such as vegetables, wheat, potato etc. he has done farming of wheat in the land of 1 acre, for potato he used 50 dismil and for vegetables 20 dismil of land. Production was good and this year he earned 10-12 thousand rupees income from fishery and from wheat potato and vegetable he earned 15-18 thousand rupees. Moreover, he has been earning more through fishery and he has been able to help his family.

After all this, his financial condition has become better than earlier. He has been in agriculture all three season a year. This has become his part of life now his children also have started going to the school. For bringing this change in his family, he is thankful to JTDS and Jan jagran Kendra. .