Case Study of Mahindra Munda

Mahindra Munda son of Jagar Munda lives with his wife and two kids in the village of Buchudih, panchayat Barahatu of Bundu block. He is the only bread earner, who works as daily wage labourer and goes to Bundu for the work. He came to know about the JTDS meeting through Jan Jagran representative. And he attended one of the meeting of JTDS where they were told about the JTELP project. In which they were being told about the rabi season crops and details were shared with them.

On 8th of November, 2019 in Gram Sabha the meeting was organised and the proposal for irrigation well was brought forward to them. After inspection by NRMO and FNGO representative, Mahindra Munda’s land was selected for digging an irrigation well. After getting the fund (first instalment) from GSPEC the work was completed within the same year.

There is 2 acres of land in front of the irrigation well, earlier which was used only in kharif season but after the well was constructed farmers residing near that area started growing rabi crop. Mahindra Munda decided to cultivate wheat and the production for that year was 1 quintal. All the irrigation was done by the irrigation well. For the Zaid season, in a gram Sabha Mahindra brought forward his requirement for Sponge gourd seeds for 0.20-acre land and received it through GSPEC. In addition to that he purchased bottle gourd seeds for 0.15 acre of land and cultivated with the help of same irrigation well.

Production of the sponge gourd was 1 quintal and bottle gourd was 125kg. After selling in the market his income was 2000 rupees and other farmers who used the irrigation well had also earned 6000 Rupees by selling bottle gourd and ladyfinger. He is thankful to JTDS and FNGO for the irrigation well, earlier he was not able to do the cultivation during Zaid and Rabi season but now he along with other farmers residing nearby are benefited from the irrigation well and their income will increase in coming years.