Case Study of Magdali Runda

Magdali Runda wife of Mansidh Runda of village Pancha of Bundu block lives with her four sons. For making the living she along with her husband goes for daily wage labour. From their daily wage they somehow manage for the food for the family and they were unable to do the agriculture due to lack of money for the purchase of seeds, fertilizers etc.

In one of the grams sabha, representative of the Jan Jagran Kendra were enlightening people about goat shed and the goat farming. Magdali Runda was selected by the GSPEC for goat farming and she was given 5 goat (female) and 1 buck. And she started taking care of the goats and buck as they were instructed. Now her husband goes for the wage work and she stays back to look after the goats.

They have sold two of goats for the price of 11000 rupees. From the proceeds they have purchased seeds and fertilizers for farming. Her children are able to go to the school. They believe they could earn more by selling more goats and her husband would need not to go for the daily wage work.

One day one of her son had a severe fever and he was serious they took him to the hospital. They sold one goat for clearing all the expenses of the hospital. Gradually they are to meet and face family challenges as they are improving financially. They want to thank JTDS and Jan jagran Kendra because their intervention changed the way of living and made them financially stronger than earlier. At present they have 25 Goats.